Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Portal 2

JESUS! I want this game really bad. I might buy it this weekend when I have the time. Are any of you guys portal fans also?

If you are, I'd recommend going here and watching all the videos, it looks awesome.

Another perfectly timed photo.


  1. Rocking Portal 2 right now! Fond memories of the first game. But so far, it feels too much like the first game - I hope there's enough content to make it worth the full price I paid!

  2. Never played it, but it looks pretty cool.

  3. I love portal 2. By far one of the funnest games I've played in a while!

    You should read Moby the Fishes Blog if you have some free time. I am a very dedicated follower!

  4. I like the "Bot trust" video. Didn't finish portal 1 yet...so I'll buy part 2 later.